Grandma’s Applesauce

My Grandma
My Grandma

There are two foods that I will always associate with my grandmother: ice cream and applesauce.  For as long as I can remember, my Grandma always had ice cream on hand.  She got the big half gallon buckets, in vanilla and maybe rainbow sherbet.  Her motto (repeated anytime a guest insisted they were full) was, “You always have room for ice cream.  It fills in the cracks between everything else!”  When I try to analyze it, there’s probably a connection to her depression era upbringing.  Once she had the luxury of an electric freezer full of sweet indulgences, why wouldn’t she treat herself?

There was always an excuse for her to Continue reading Grandma’s Applesauce

Venison Roast on the Grill

IMG_20141019_182424(Note: This post has been hanging out in our Drafts folder since October 2014. So it wasn’t really a recent Sunday night.)

Just a quick post about a meal that came out right.  On a recent Sunday night, we grilled a venison roast that we got from Nikki’s dad.  It was probably a 2-3 pound roast, with a big chunk of bone.  We rubbed it down with a generous coating of McCormick Montreal seasoning, and put it on the grill over indirect heat.  With the vents on the grill Continue reading Venison Roast on the Grill

Easy Beef Wellington

Slice in 1" thick pieces
Serve in 1″ thick pieces

Fucking Yum is fucking back, after a long fucking hiatus.  We have this new post about our delectable Christmas dinner, as well as a few more in the hopper that were in various states of completion last time we let the blog lapse.  Enjoy!

Beef Wellington is one of those dishes that sounds incredibly difficult to pull off.  In fact, I had never had one prior to cooking one for Christmas dinner this year.  However, by using pre-made pastry dough and swapping in a couple of easier to process ingredients, this recipe turned out to be Continue reading Easy Beef Wellington

Foolproof Grilled Chicken

I consider myself quite the grillmaster, and Nikki is no slouch in the kitchen.  So it’s always been a little bit embarrassing that we couldn’t pull off good grilled chicken.  Until now, that is.  We’ve combined a yogurt marinade that Nikki’s been perfecting with a grilling technique involving masonry that I’m in charge of, and the result is a tender, juicy piece of chicken that’s hard to get wrong. Continue reading Foolproof Grilled Chicken

Mom’s Potato Soup

Ready to serve
Ready to serve

This one is a real winter warmer.  Rich, creamy, filling, hot soup… What’s not to love?  I learned this one from my mother, though to be fair, she’s a vegetarian, so the bacon is my own addition.  It’s fairly easy, though you have to chop a bunch of vegetables.  As you know, that’s one of my favorite pastimes, so it’s not a negative for me.

I’ll give you the recipe that I used down below, but the whole point of this dish is Continue reading Mom’s Potato Soup

Meaty tomato and rib sauce

IMG_9670Let’s say you live in Boston, it’s the dead of winter, and you’re stuck in the middle of your third blizzard in two weeks.  What do you do?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can make a delicious, rustic, stick-to-your-ribs pasta dish out of four simple ingredients?  This is a dish that’s easy to prepare, but takes time to cook, slowly simmering and blending flavors, which makes it perfect for a snowy day like this, when you have time to let it cook.   Continue reading Meaty tomato and rib sauce

Thanksgiving Wrap-up 2014

Slicing across the boneless bird
Slicing across the boneless bird

As I may have mentioned before, I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday, and one of my favorite days of the year, all about food, family, and friends. It’s also the only day of the year when I might start drinking before noon!

We had a white Thanksgiving this year, sort of. It snowed a little bit the day before and again late on Thanksgiving night. We hosted my dad and three of our friends. Turnout was a little smaller than some years, but by far not the smallest. One year I cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner for just my dad and me.

We cooked a bunch of good food, and we had quite a few beverages. The cider and mead previously featured on the site were a pretty big hit.  Continue reading Thanksgiving Wrap-up 2014

Banana Jam

Banana Jam came about with a dual purpose – to recreate the delicious banana butter that Jake and I ate every day on the Hana leg of our honeymoon, and to provide an easy swappable item for the Boston Food Swap.

Was the end result bantastic (see what I did there??)?  Yes.  It was received with rave reviews, and made a mean PB and banana jam sandwich, banana jam-filled french toast, and banana oatmeal topping.

Was it banana butter?  Not even close.  It just didn’t have that smooth, light consistency that you get with a fruit butter.  It was thick and gooey and fully jam-like.

Honestly, the credit belongs to this Betty Crocker recipe.  One thing lacking was guidance on how ripe the bananas should be, so you can see below that I went middle of the road.  I also skipped the cinnamon, as I opt for simple, pure flavors with butters, jams, and jellies.  I did throw in a few chocolate chips in the hopes that they would make a nice chocolate ribbon- but no luck.  In the future, I might try to swirl in a hot fudge drizzle as I am transferring the jam to a jar or container.